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Driven To Defeat Breast Cancer

Invision Diagnostics is a passionate provider of 3D turnkey mammogram solutions. Our #1 goal is to help patients and those in the community stay on top of their health. We help equip medical practices and community events with the necessary tools for efficient & convenient breast cancer screenings.


Whether you need equipment for screenings at your office or a mobile mammogram unit for your event, we are here to help!


We also offer in-house mammogram solutions, as well as, imaging interpretations.


Request a mobile unit today or contact us for more information on our other services.

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Our Values

Since being established in 2015, our priority has been to provide excellent 3D imaging solutions. We own and operate mobile mammography units that travel 7 days a week to increase access to breast cancer screenings.

Who We Are





Leaders in the Community


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Invision Diagnostics Services

Mobile Mammography

In-House Mammography

Imaging Interpretations

Schedule a 3D Screening at an Event

  • What is 3D Mobile Mammography?
    Invision Diagnostics screens the women of the Carolinas with Mobile Breast Centers. Invision Diagnostics currently partners with medical practices, businesses and community events. 3D mammography increases detection of invasive breast cancer by 41%. Detecting breast cancer in early stages helps to potentially saves lives.
  • Who is eligible for a screening?
    - Women 35 years & older - Must be 1 year since your previous mammogram - Cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding - Patient must provide a primary care physician or OBGYN to receive results - Must not be experiencing issues with breast(s) such as a lump you can feel, pain, dimpling of the breast, or nipple changes
  • Screening vs diagnostic mammography?
    Screening mammograms are for women 40 and older, scheduling an annual breast cancer screening without any breast concerns. Diagnostic mammography is for women experiencing problems reported to their doctors for a close follow-up after having breast cancer or a lumpectomy. Diagnostic mammography requires a doctor's order.
  • What are the necessary items I need to bring to my mammogram?
    Photo ID, Insurance Card and Primary Care Provider’s contact information
  • What to expect during a mammogram?
    During your mammogram, your breasts will be compressed gently but firmly to provide a clear picture. This compression can be uncomfortable for some women but does not last very long. After your mammogram, you may have some skin discoloration due to the compression. This discoloration is temporary and normal. You can always speak to your technologists about any concerns you may have.
  • When will I receive my report?
    All studies are read by Breast Fellowship Board Certified Radiologists within 48 hours of the exam or receipt of prior images. Results will be sent by mail to the patient and their primary care provider

Our Technology


The QC-Track system helps us to ensure consistency and transparency, reduce inspection risks, gain control over all QC workflows, streamline day-to-day QC with simple and easy-to-use paperless workflows, 

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