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Mobile Mammography Busses

Bringing Breast Cancer Screenings to Communities in Charlotte, North and South Carolina, Florida and Beyond!

Invision Diagnostics is excited about partnering with you for your annual event, bringing convenient mobile mammography bus services to women where they work and live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and throughout South Carolina. Our specialized Mobile Mammography Buses operate seven days a week, extending screening access across the Southeast. We proudly collaborate with medical practices and communities spanning from Asheville to the Outer Banks.

Areas We Service

North Carolina

South Carolina


  • Brevard County

  • Broward County

  • Martin County

  • Miami-Dade County

  • Okeechobee County

  • Palm Beach County

  • St. Lucie County


We Bring Breast Cancers Screenings to you

Invision Diagnostics's mobile mammography buses play a pivotal role in bridging the gap in women's healthcare by offering a convenient and seamless solution for breast cancer screenings. Our specialized buses bring essential services directly to communities, making it easier for women to prioritize their health. By eliminating the need for long travel distances and time-consuming appointments, mobile mammography buses empower women, especially those in underserved or remote areas, to access vital screenings without the typical barriers.

This approach not only encourages more women to participate in regular screenings but also significantly reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and follow-ups. With advanced technology and skilled medical professionals on board, our buses provide accurate and reliable results, ensuring that women receive the care they need promptly and comfortably. Mobile mammography buses exemplify a proactive and patient-centered approach to women's healthcare, helping to detect breast cancer early and improve overall health outcomes.

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