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Mobile Mammography Across the Southeast

Invision Diagnostics is interested in collaborating with you for your annual event to bring mobile mammograms to more women where they work and live. Our Mobile Mammography Buses travel seven days a week to provide screening across the Southeast. We partner with medical practices and communities from Asheville to the Outer Banks. 


North Carolina

South Carolina


  • Brevard County

  • Broward County

  • Martin County

  • Miami-Dade County

  • Okeechobee County

  • Palm Beach County

  • St. Lucie County

Traveling for Healthcare

The average American adult is willing to travel for 28.4 minutes or a distance of 20.4 miles to seek routine or preventive care. Rural Americans often face longer travel times and feel they have access to lower quality healthcare than their urban counterparts, as closures of medical facilities are disproportionately represented in the rural South. Non-attendance for follow-ups and other negative health outcomes are higher in areas where patients live far away from the healthcare facilities they need. Studies show that those who cannot drive make more trips if they have someone to drive them, and that distance and lack of access to transportation increases the likelihood that someone will delay a visit. Transportation options are reported as a problematic factor, as public transport can be difficult due to infrequent service or inconvenient schedules. 

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