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I Commit to Get My Mammogram in Honor of…

Sisters — neighbors — friends.

We should not underestimate the courage and strength of not just fighting cancer but getting screened in the first place; The word “cancer” may evoke strong connotations of fear, as many may envision worst case scenarios as an outcome of a cancer diagnosis. Together we are strong — together we can find the courage to get a mammogram and fight breast cancer.

The 5-year survival rate is 99% when breast cancer is detected early. Getting annual mammograms may ensure that you can be there for others, and early detection could mean the difference between a stage 1 lumpectomy and a full mastectomy with chemo and radiation. Due to the unpredictable nature of mutated (cancer) cells it is usually difficult to determine how quickly cancer can spread, which makes annual screenings all the more important.

Some women might get a mammogram in honor of their mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, neighbor, or friend. That special someone who reminds us to take care of ourselves, to not forget our own health, to put ourselves first for once. No matter what your excuses for delaying your mammogram are, find a mammogram partner and commit to get your mammogram in honor of a sister, mother, neighbor, or friend because early detection is critical!


Please click the following to download and print your own Pink Lady poster:

Pink Lady Poster
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