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The Pink Month: Breast Cancer Awareness

Supporting a friend or family member

October is breast cancer awareness month. Together we can find ways to raise awareness and show our support for those who are affected by breast cancer. Together we can wear pink for the cure and encourage people to get their mammograms, but how do we support a friend or family member who is affected by cancer? Cancer is emotionally and physically challenging, but there are many ways to support a friend or loved one going through this difficult time. Completing seemingly simple tasks can become overwhelming, so offering assistance with specific tasks such as laundry or house cleaning can be tremendously helpful. Care packages can be sent through services such as Spoonful of Comfort, meal trains can be arranged with friends or family.

Without experiencing cancer first hand it may be difficult to understand what someone affected by cancer is going through, but education about the condition goes a long way in our ability to support a loved one through their journey. There are many resources available, many of them provided by nonprofit organizations.

Care can be accessed with the help of a local organization, and one of Invision Diagnostic’s patients even had her mammogram paid for by a local nonprofit:

“Thank y’all so much! You don’t know what a blessing that is to me right now. My husband is without a job and this helps so much! I appreciate all of you! 

Much love and Thanks!”


October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and through education we can find a way to better support someone affected by cancer.


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